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Our Program

At Carolina Springs Breeding our puppies are born and raised in our home and are a part of our family. We take pride in how we raise our puppies and we are committed to continued education on best practices

ESI & Superdog training

Proper socialization and exposure to sounds, smells, and textures is crucial in developing how dogs will respond to the world around them and the first 8 weeks of life is critical. At 3 days old we start an early scent introduction (ESI) training program along with the biosensor early neurological stimulation program developed by the US military (more commonly known as the superdog program). This training and stimulation helps to build the brain by introducing mild stressors which prompts the neurological system to adapt resulting in accelerated brain development. Research has shown there is a unique window of opportunity that only happens once and we can help shape a dog's future potential with intentional and controlled exposures and experiences. If you are interested in reading more about these programs and the research that has been done we highly recommend this article from the Canine Chronicle.


As the puppies get older we expose them to many different adults and children, wild & domestic animals, objects, sounds, car rides, and different flooring surfaces, grass, dirt, mulch, gravel, concrete, etc. We handle their paws, open their mouths, lift their tails, and touch inside their ears regularly. We bathe them, use eye combs, brushes, and nail clippers on them. While we strive to expose them to as many sounds as we can in real life situations and natural environments we also use videos and recorded audio to expose them to honking, farm sounds, city sounds, sirens, thunderstorms, and fireworks. Many of these things can be frightening to a dog because they are unfamiliar and loud. We work hard to desensitize them by exposure without over stimulating or scaring them and it is important that you continue once you have your puppy.

Gotcha Day

When you pick up your puppy we will provide you with a list of the things we’ve exposed them to along with suggestions for you to explore. If we notice any negative reactions it will be notated on their list. You will have a great starting point and we encourage you to add to your list and make suggestions to us for our future litters.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

– Roger Caras


Whether you’re curious about socialization, training, or even the breed, we’re here to answer your questions.